Grindstone Ridge Activation

W4T/CA-047 is located on Tennessee Valley Authority property in the hills above Chattanooga, a conformable two-hour drive from my location near Knoxville. The property contains TVA’s Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage Plant, and is visitor friendly, providing diverse outdoor activities for the general public.

Yesterday was Senior’s SOTA Day (my analogy) at the Ridge under partly overcast skies and a temperature around 48 degrees F. Depending on your parking location, the walk to the summit ranges from about one-quarter to one mile.

Using a KX3, running 12W to an end fed EF-10/20/40 thrown into the trees, I was fortunate to have the following chasers provide 20-cw Qs: N1AW, NS7P, KH2TJ, W2MDW, K6TUY, HB9BHW, K0YO, KQ2RP, M0BKV, WG0AT, N7UN, K6ILM/S2S, WO6M, VE7KBN, W4ZV, KA3J/4. On 40-cw, there was N4EX, W9FHA, N4MJ, W9UX, AD4FZ, WA2USA, AJ5C, W0MNA, W4RK, KI4EZC, KG3W, and W4APE followed by WA4TL on 40-ssb.

It was fun, and I enjoyed the activity provided by the SOTA group.

Larry W6UB