Grignetta I/LO-323 29/05/20 iw2obx

I woke up in early morning, I decided to activate Grignetta I/LO-323. I drove to Pian dei Resinelli, the weather was not so good, a few clouds were along the valley. My dog Zac and me started to walk along the steep path that leads to the top.
When we reached the half way, the sun and the clouds were duelling in the sky offering nice views

I decided to continue the trekking, it was 06:30utc
Once arrived on the top, I congratulated Zac for his good behaviour. I started to call in 2mt fm with kenwood th-f7 and using my last purchase, SRH770s, this antenna works fine and I prefer it compared to telescopic type.
money spend well!
In few minutes I managed 6 qsos with 59 report.

While I was in a net I installed a stations for hf that consist in a mini fishing pole 4.5mt with 4.5mt of tiny wire fixed on, 5 wire long 5mt lying on the ground and a bnc plug with 3mt of coax h155.

After a few minute I called in 20mt cw and I managed a pileup for about an half hour.

The band was open with long skip and short skip abt 400km @F5JKK and @F8FKK, I think due to the effect of e-sp.
I tried olso in 30mt without a great success.
Meantime the clouds arrived all around and freezing rain began down.
I passed in QRT and climbed down.
It was a succulent morning!

Many Thanks at All Chasers.


Hi Roberto,
Tnx nice report & tnx QSO :wink:
Hugs to your nice dog !

73, Jarek

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Nice job Roberto!
73, Fabio

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