Great Smokies/Blue Ridge Parkway Day, Thanks Chasers! - ND7PA

Wanted to give a big shout out to the fantastic chasers who kept me moving yesterday on my Great Smokes/Blue Ridge Parkway adventure.

Experienced big wind, lots of rain, armpit-deep bushwacks (jungle-wack?) and some lightning a bit too close. Activated six summits. NS7P was there for every one! Big thanks also to W7RV, K4MF, W0ERI, W0MNA, NE4TN. Sorry for the short QRV on WM-003. Lightning was getting too close. NOAA severe weather alarm went off twice before I pulled the plug at 7:25pm EDST.

With sunspots so low I still worked ZL1 (twice) and G4 as well as coast to coast. 5W from ATS3B and EFHW on 20m.

Thanks again. Looking forwards to a cooler, drier, western Oregon summer.