Great British Journeys

Hi All,

On BBC2 tonight 2000hrs a new program stats looks interesting starts off in Scotland and is done by Nicholas Crane.

terry G0VWP

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Hi Terry
just watched it and was realy impressed with the program alot of things i did not know about my own country well worth the watching

and many thanks for letting us know about it

i was realy intrested in compass hill and its 90 degree offset on the compass bearing

also the money tree but lets hope no one robs it hi

Gordon MM3XGP

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Hi Gordon
Yes I found it very good it is a long time since I was on Compass Hill that was back in 1974 did the same route as Nicholas Crane but we did it as a ex in the army back then and we stayed up there for three nights and the WX was not nice I can tell you.

Yes I’m looking forward to the rest of the series I recorded it so will put that on disc, glad you enjoyed it Gordon and the money tree well I didn’t know about it till 1974 and was told all about it by the CPT the leader as he was from that part of Scotland and spent is youth out on them mountains.

I can say Gorden that I have spent a lot of time up that way out on the Scottish Mountains on ex in the army in the summer and in the winter when we were doing winter warfare training living days on end in snow holes no tents just holes in the drifts of snow and they can get to warm on a night when your inside them as the entrance have to be walled up on a night to keep the heat in.

Ok Gorden 73

Terry G0VWP