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Hi All,
As a roving activator I am having a bit of bother keeping up to date with maps etc. My patch for work covers all of the UK so I could be any ware at short notice. My map collection covers the LD national park, North Yorks and a few others. My main problem is turning up for a short notice activation in an unknown area (whilst passing) and trying to find the peak…What do other activators do? I have looked at GPS mapping devices, but it looks like you need to buy a regional map, and when added together to give the same resolution as the land rangers, works out pretty expensive (many hundreds of pounds!). I guess the question is how do I get full GPS viewable mapping UK coverage with enough detail to find the paths to the summits for all of the UK SOTA peaks? Unfortunately can’t a) afford b) have room for enough traditional maps to do this.

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tim AT

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I use a combination of Anquet (similar to memory map) & google earth with M1MAJ KML file loaded.

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You can’t see enough map on a GPS for it to be anygood for planning so I always print out a map and download the route to the GPS from my copy of Anquet running on the PC. I don’t use the GPS for navigation, I use the map and a compass with the GPS as a backup.

I think I paid about £125ish for Anquet with OS 1:50000 coverage for the whole of the UK. I downloaded waypoints for Anquet with all the UK SOTA summits marked. MemoryMap is highly rated too.

Rely solely on the display of a GPS unit for the map? Sounds like a recipe for disaster in my book.


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Hi Tim,
I use the satmap active 10 ok £300 but a good GPS, maps come on SD cards £100 covers all National Parks in 1:25K & 1:50K which ever you want to use it in.
They also do 37 UK Counties in 1:25K & 1:50K + Explorer 1:25K and landranger 1:50K.
You can also down load from Memory-Map.
Take a look at there web site, I don’t use anything else now but just been on e-bay and got SD card maps at £89 same make.

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also another map to use, When im out in the country side or up yonder hills, I use TOPO, this dosnt give the footpaths but gives roads/lanes, just google it and try it.

Steve m0sgb

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Have you tried your nearest ‘major town’ library?

Ours has all of the UK at 50k and most of it at 25k (waterproof version) in the lending library, not the reference section. If your work requires you to travel from site to site, it won’t be much use… but if you RTB quite often it would be worth checking.