GOTA activation from a SOTA Summit report 150621

Inspired by the idea of Gateways On The Air, today I had a walk out to my local SOTA summit G/SP-017 Billinge Hill, Merseyside county top. My idea was to see if I could make a GOTA activation from a SOTA summit via my MB6GR gateway. (yes I know network SOTA’s aren’t allowed) but i thought there’s no reason why I can’t try to have possibly the world’s first GOTA activation made from a SOTA summit :slightly_smiling_face: So armed with my trusty Yaesu FT70d and a flask of coffee off I went. Thankfully there were plenty stations happy to come back to my SOTA to GOTA call. Here’s the list
2E0PXX/P Paul via GB3NF
G0SYR Brian via MB7IMS
M0CAJ Doug via MB6XY
G7RUP/M John via MB7IDP
GB1ORC Francis via MB6IMK
M0JQQ Robin via GB3CD
M0TZR Paul via MB7ZR
2E1HWE Oscar via MB7ISX
and MM7DCD/P via MB7IBH
thanks to everyone who came back to my calls and thanks to the GOTA event organisers and the Freestar Network for all your hard work.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself today. I have a few pics from today but the one of the hill is an old one.
Why not get out portable and do your own SOTA to GOTA activation, I can’t wait to do it again :slightly_smiling_face:
for more info on GOTA please visit the GOTA website
thanks and best 73 Gary M1DYU


Very interesting and quite appealing! A pity that I was completely unaware of the event until halfway through the period of it.

The website link didn’t work but I’ve edited it so that it now does :wink:

It will, of course, be important to ensure stations worked, especially those new to SOTA, understand that these would not be valid SOTA chaser contacts, but nonetheless, it’s a good opportunity to promote SOTA, and perhaps encourage those within range to switch over to simplex for a valid QSO.

It would be even more interesting if/when the log includes overseas / DX stations


thanks Tom, i think the GOTA event is running up to the weekend so there’s time yet. Most info can be found on Freestar International facebook page.

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