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Google Earth Summit data Sotawatch3

Hi, I’ve just noticed that unlike Sotawatch2, when checking summit information via Sotawatch3 there is no Google Earth link. ( VK1/AC***) ?


It’s best to check summit data via the database website: https://newsotadata.sota.org.uk/summit/find

That’s fine Ed, but doesn’t address the question about the Google Earth link. I prefer to ckeck out a summit with Google Earth before an activation. It’s very convenient having that link available on the Sotawatch summit info page…



Bill, where are you not seeing the missing Google Earth link?

I just spotted a test of VK1/AC-002

Then clicked on the summit ref and the following appeared


If you can let me know which page doesn’t show the link, we can look into why.

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Hi Bill, thanks for trying out SOTAwatch3,

You will have found the summit via the ‘SOTA Links’ dropdown and browsed from there. This is incomplete functionality and it might be I should redirect that link back to the website. However, when clicking on summits from the spots list, you will still get to the current summit pages. Sorry for the confusion!

The new pages will definately have the Google Earth link before too long.

OK Bill, I think Andy has responded to your specific query, it is definitely always better to check summits from the database in case of any descrepancies. There’s also a link to the associations and their summits if you click on SOTA Links:

I rarely use Google Earth and rather rely on Satellite in SMP or Google maps satellite view. In fact I de-installed Google Earth from this PC, that’s how much I use it, but if it’s the tool you prefer the links are apparently still there.

73 Ed.

Yep. thanks. I have been using SW3 as one cant edit Alerts made via SW2. I must admit I hadn’t tried via the summit ref appearing in alerts and spots. I use the ’ Sota Links’ drop down when planning my next activation.

Thanks for clarifying the situation.


To avoid confusion, I have changed this link back to the standard SOTA Website Associations list for now until the new pages are ready.

Once they are done, there will be no need for users to login into the website which will mean that since SOTAwatch3 shares a login with the Database and the Maps site, there will be two old SOTA logins no longer required (SOTAwatch2 and SOTA Website) which will hopefully make things simpler for folk.

Just discovered Google Earth Web. Import KML files under “my places” in the menu on the left, then “import KML file”. Brilliant 3D view showing the summit from all directions. Wanted: A direct hyperlink to a summit, but it looks as if there are more parameters needed than just long/lat.

73, Markus HB9BRJ

Dear all

Actually I use Google Earth only for going closer to the ground and for checking the altitude in m.a.s.l. on a waymark.

For other purposes I’m happy with “Satellite” on SOTAmaps and MapOut where I don’t need the sat picture.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ