Good Operating Procedures as a Chaser

As a chaser I try to make contact with an activator on the first viable frequency. I judge this based upon my reception of the activator on the basis that if I can hear the activator he is likely to be able to copy me.
Once I make a contact I move on to another activator.
However, is it good operating procedure or bad operating procedure to call the activator a second time on a summit when they change frequency?
For example today I worked a Mega MG on one frequency; later I heard the same MG calling from the same summit on a different frequency. He sent several CQs without getting a response - so I called him on the second frequency. If he had a pile-up on the second frequency I would not have called.
So I wonder, what would be good operating courtesy for a chaser in the above scenario?
When I am an activator working on my 2nd or 3rd band I sometimes test “dead” bands by calling CQ and I would be glad to get a 2nd call that let me know the band was active
.Many thanks to all activators and all chasers!


Hi Joe,
as both an activator and chaser, I can tell you I’d be happy with someone calling me a second time if I’m not getting any responses to my CQ calls. While the second call from the same chaser doesn’t count within the required 4 contacts to claim the activator points, it does let me know that I am still getting out, not that something has failed in the system.
I presume when you say a different frequency, you mean within the same band and the activator has more than likely moved becuase of QRM. If you mean on a different band, then yes definitely call as with your reports the activator can judge which band is perforing best for the distance between you and him/her. If it’s a different band a different antenna may be in use, so again the repeat call is welcome to confirm the equipment is working.

Another effect of you calling the activator when he is getting no reply, is that other chasers may hear you and then listen for the activator.

The key point is when you said the activator was getting no replies to his CQ calls. If he is getting replies, and you’ve already worked him, it’s best to wait until the calls dissapear and then give him/her a call if you wish.

73 Ed.


Fully agree with Ed’s reply.
This is what I wrote very recently in my following activation report.

Best 73,