Good old 10m

Yesterday I decided to activate something after a month of inactivity mainly due to rain. After checking my log for 2009 I realised I hadnt done Pen y Ghent G/NP-010 this year. Instead of an early start, I decided to make it a one summit day (as my non ham friend was coming)and had a more leisurely morning. On the way up I worked Phil G4OBK on Gt Whernside with his walking group, I managed to catch him still in the AZ for s2s as I arrived on my summit. A brief chat with Rob G4RQJ on G/LD-020 told me what a torrid time hed had on HF and how pleased he was to hear chasers on 2m. Hmmm - I hope my extra power would winkle out a few chasers. In the end I haad 106 contacts in the log with the help of the G4BLH spotting service. 10m was the pick of the bands with great signals into HB9 / OE & even a rare HB0 in the log. I could have stayed longer & flattened the batteries on 2m, however it was so windy I had no control of the beam at all - even just using the stubby 3ele part of the SB5. The wind was galeforce from the West & as the wall runs East - West, it afforded no shelter at all. Thanks to all chasers - bands / contacts as below:-

40m ssb - 29
20m ssb - 5
10m ssb - 30
4m fm - 6
2m fm - 17
2m ssb - 19


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I am looking forward to some 10m SOTA hopefully this summer. Sean M0GIA

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Hi Steve,

I also use the SB5 and have stopped using the stubby 3 element as it is little better than a dipole and certainly more of a pain when it is very windy. From what I have experienced, it has a lousy polar diagram as well - a dipole is certainly more predictable. I just tie wrap the short section of boom to the top of the pole and use the dipole element on its own.

73, Gerald

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Hi Gerald, it was so windy up there I could have done with used a J pole or similar, my friend was getting bored so I decided to pack up rather than fight the wind.

Shining Tor G/SP-004 9th Aug 09.

Yesterday was forecast to be a decent day, so I decided rather than spend 3 or 4 hours driving, I would activate my local summit which is a 10 minute drive. (and yes the usual speed camera was near the cat & fiddle pub).
I set up for 40m & immediately worked Lutz DL3SBA/P for the 1st of 14 s2s`s.
40m was in pretty good shape with most stations coming in 5/9+. I had a pretty good run of 56 contacts in 35 mins. A leisurely scan around the bands revealed a bit of sporadic E on 10m. After 15mins faffing around trying to self spot, I eventually succeeded sending a spot proclaiming I had skip into S5 land. Another 30 contacts were logged with 8 of them being Slovenian. After the 10m forray I tuned around & picked up another couple of summits. I was waiting for Lutz on his 2nd summit but eventually packed up the HF wire & replaced it with the SB5 for 2m. A good haul on 2m ssb was followed by 2m FM. Once I declared on air I was ready to pack up & go for a pint, the chasers seem to come out of the wood to delay my alcohol fix.
In all, just under 5 hours were spent on a warm, sunny summit & 135 contacts were made. Notable wildlife spotted included 2 lizzards, 1 slow worm, 3 buzzards circling like vultures, a raven & a large light coloured owl.
40m ssb - 57
20m ssb - 2
10m ssb - 30
4m fm - 3
2m ssb - 13
2m fm - 30

Thanks for the following s2s contacts:-
M3WJZ/P G/SP-002
G8HXE/P G/LD-003
G4RQJ/P G/LD-038
G1OPV/P G/LD-050
G0RGE/P G/SP-001
2W0GHQ/P GW/NW-070
G1HZL/P G/NP-010


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Notable wildlife spotted included 2 lizzards,
1 slow worm, 3 buzzards circling like vultures, a raven & a large
light coloured owl.

Hello Steve

I wonder where you were sitting? I have not spotted any lizards or slow-worms up there so far. Were you over by the rocky outcrop I wonder?



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Hi Richard - I was approx 30m to the right (North) of the stile on the trigpoint side of the wall. I tried to catch one lizard to show a couple of women but they werent too keen. I spotted the slow worm just below the rocks when I was looking for a geocache (unsuccessful as I didnt have the info).
I was surprised to see reptiles up there as I normally associate them with a more sandy / gritty environment, but having said that, the N Yorks moors are teaming with vipers.
Best of all - not a Peak Park Ranger spotted all day :wink:

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Hi Steve, Shame I missed you yesterday, we decided to pack up 5 mins before you came on.

Hopefully in the future??



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Good going on 10m. It has been pretty poor from FR, mostly only open to Spain.

Found this in the garden a few days back:


Nigel. F/G6SFP/P

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Hi Steve,

thank you for the S2S QSO yesterday. On the 2nd summit RP-007 I started with 20 m at 12:00 UTC and worked Luc SV5/ON6DSL/p followed by Mads LA1TPA/p. Then I did some antenna adjustments to get the dipol ready to work on 12m and 17m followed by 2 contacts on 17m. I switched to 40m about 13:00 UTC and my first contact was Joerg DL5KD/p on SR-012. The HF bands were in good conditions and altogether I was very pleased to get 8 S2S QSO’s and 111 “normal” contacts in the log on the two summits. So we missed the 2nd S2S QSO but we may do it the next time.

73 Lutz

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If the WX is ok tomorrow i might just get myself up The Cloud and see if i can work anything on 10m, been over the field behind me tonight playing with a new vertical that works 40m - 10m no gaps and no ATU! Worked into Athens 58 with 5w SSB on 20m so i am hoping it will work well on 10m. Sean M0GIA

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Hi Sean. What time do you expect to be qrv from The Cloud? I might try to listen for you if 10m is open here in Norway. Good luck with your new antenna! Looking forward to read more about it later.


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Thanks for the S2S Lutz!


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Not sure what time, i am on holiday all week so its a must that i play with the new antenna while i can. I will check the WX in the morning and we might meet up on 10m. Sean M0GIA

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Hi Steve

The call was G0HZL/P for your log. Had a few s2s during the half hour activation. On Snowdon 23/8. Just got to get a beam sorted for ic202s.

Hope to work you again. 73s

Mart G0HZL

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I will be QRV this afternoon on The Cloud trying out 10m FM & SSB, if anyone is on the air please listen out for me, want to try ground wave on 10m especially if the band is not open. Sean M0GIA

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Hi Steve thanks for the S2S QSO.

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Hi Lutz, thanks for the S2S QSO.