Good CW practice.

Our club uses a morse trainer with books on SD card (it is used for Special Event stations to have visitors play with CW)
All was OK until I started listening to a book that was chosen by a visitor - I am not sure “Fanny Hill” is a suitable choice - it was deleted!!!


Just another brain storm I had. Paste and copy these answers to the topic into Just Learn Morse code and head copy them there. Even if you read them first you will be surprised to be able to copy it in the software. Good practice. Keep up the good work folks.
CZ …


I agree with your findings on this Martin, in fact when activating I’ve often gone straight back to stations with their FULL CALL when in a pile up scenario I have only heard the last two letters of the suffix. This is because in my memory I know the callsigns of most of the active SOTA CW chasers. I do the same on phone, whether I recognised the voice of the operator or not. Occasionally this goes wrong, but very rarely - this is when the station called comes back and corrects the callsign, as there may be more than one regular caller with the same suffix as another. I may have it got wrong, but invariably the other callers in the pile up hold off and a successful QSO easily takes place once the chaser corrects the callsign. Then I can move on to working the others.

73 Phil G4OBK


Just for you to know: if you are used to Telegram you can give a try to text2cw bot to practice CW, it’s based on ebook2cw and support most of it’s features.

BTW the bot “lives” on the very same raspberryPI where I run the italian sotaspot SMS gateway :blush:

Best 73 de IZ3GME Marco



You can simulate a nice pile-up with 9 stations in Morserunner. Sometimes it takes me a while to crack them, even when using the RIT-function, but I stick to a maximum of 5.

73, Martin, PE1EEC


Yes, I know Martin. That’s why I said I find it can be more stressful than real pileups I have. 30m human chasers are more polite, sophisticated and responsive than the Morserunner algorithm.

For example, I might pick out a fragment of a callsign from the QRM and send it with a “?”, all the nice guys back off to let the one chaser go ahead.

They are also patient and tolerant with my mis-sending or pauses (due to numerous causes) in a way an app is not.