Good cluster spotting app for iPhone?

I’m trying to get my mate out activating and set him up with suitable apps on his phone. I’m Android so no help.
What’s a good iPhone app for self spotting on dx clusters?

Self spotting is not usually considered acceptable on the DX cluster.

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For SOTA use, Sotagoat is well praised by its users. But I’m not sure what you would use for DX cluster. I tend to steer clear of most apps and just use my phone browser for things were possible. Google searches show up plenty of apps but we all know personal recommendations are best in making a decision.

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SOTA Goat supports sending spots to SOTAwatch, either self-spots or other spots.


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This might help: ON6ZQ | SOTA related software

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For the DX clusters, I use DXHeat @

Once you sign up/register (it’s free) you can set up filters for what you want to see/spot. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now on my NPOTA explorations. It won’t let you self-spot, but there is a work around sorta of :wink: To spot yourself, just use /p behind your call.

For the SOTA spots, I’ve heard good things on the Sotagoat app. I don’t have any apple gear here, but I do know the author :wink:

You could also just log into DXsummit, but I like DXHeat a bit more…

Todd KH2TJ
Oh, I just re-read you post - you’re looking for an app - so I guess the sotagoat app would be a good choice…