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Going to Valencia end of April

Hi all,
I am considering taking a radio with me, if the family aproves.
B&B in centre of Valencia.
I am going with non Sota people for 7 days.
Is there a quick and easy summit, perhaps one that needs no car?
Hope to find a summit that is nice for all …
I will be nice when one of you lives nearby.
73 de Hans PA3FYG - EA/PA3FYG/P ??


Here are your options. Looks like 20-30Km away from the nearest summit :frowning:

Hi Hans
I do not know that area at the moment (EA5/VL), my activities are frequently close to my qth (EA5/CS). Apparently on the summit map there is not a summit close enough to Valencia to approach without a car.

Hi Hans,

I have no local knowledge whatsoever. EI9KY pointed you to SOTL.AS already. Having a quick look at the map around Valencia I think that Cullera, EA5/VL-103, to the South of the city can be reached from a nearby railway station. That railway should link to Valencia. I think this is your best bet without a car. Might even have some nice vistas!

Enjoy your time in Spain!

73 Heinz

Edit: Link takes you to Renfe, the Spanish railroad
agency. Valencia to Cullera is 29 minutes and tickets are about 6€.

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Thanks all,
There is not much activity there.
Yes ,best one is de EA5/VL-103 I guess.
You can to that city by bus or train.
Sotlas is my best friend.
73 de Hans

Hi Hans @PA3FYG

Heinz give you a good solution :+1:
I was in Cullera early 2000 for holidays (not for SOTA) from Valencia by train and for the center city by bus. During my stay I took a small tourist train to go up to visit the Mirador which is on the road to the summit (must see), from there you have about 2.5km on foot to get to the top by the road :wink:

73, Éric

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All infos here

I guess the KX2 is going with me!
73 de Hans

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