Going to play CW tomorrow

Hi All
I am off to activate GW/SW-041 Black Mountain tomorrow 22/12/12018. This will be my third activation using CW. I am still on a very steep uphill climb but getting there I think. I just find it hard when my hands get cold with the key. I tried last week with my gloves on and that caused lots of 8 e’s from me.
Thank you for the chasers that helped me with their slow response to my slow cw lol.

30m saved my bacon last week so I think I am starting on there tomorrow, if you hear me and I reply great and thank you in advance for your help.



Hi Paul

Please monitor 2m tomorrow towards the end of your activation…see Alerts. Will call for you anyway.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Allan
I was only taking HF antenna but for you I will take my 2M aswell. Hope to catch you on a s2s tomorrow.

Have a great Christmas Allan, I am hoping to get Cadair Berwyn done aswell before end of the year so fingers crossed.


Hi Paul. HH will be fine…good vhf path between us. If I hear you on cw…will call you. Take care tomorrow…not much protection from the wind on yours.

Happy Christmas to you and the family anyway if we don’t meet up on air.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Paul,
I hope you will get us (m6bwa and m0jla) as well on 2m if you have not frozen stiff by the time we begin.
Well done with the morse; I have repeatedly failed to get past 5wpm.

What a great day, another activation and qualifying a summit on cw. Then off to play ssb, I am still very weak on my cw on a summit really sorry to the chasers. There must be a knack to it but I have not found it yet. The wind was strong and noisy, the logbook blowing everywhere and I still have to try and write all cw down as I can’t take it in my head yet.
Then time to try and put that into my log entry from the notepad and then another chaser calling me lol it just does not happen that easy for me sorry.
I will keep persisting and hopefully get it eventually.

M0PLA Paul
Happy Christmas all and again thank you to the S2S’s and chasers.