Going to be a dad again

Hi all, going to be a dad again YYYEEEEPPPPPEEEEE Jessica was five years in the making. Number two only 5 months, and if she/he is any thing like Jessica we will not go wrong. Better get the spare room painted

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How did that happen?

You are not playing enough radio!

Congratulations :0)

GW7AAV Steve

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Hi Nigel, Sorry about the qso today i was dropping down off the hill,
Tried to phone you but no signal, Hope to catch you soon.

Congratulations on the news of the new arrival :slight_smile:
im happy for you and Helen (Jessica).

dads and grandads who would be with out them !!!

73 Steve m0sgb

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Hi Steve thank you, not sure, and even less time on the radio now.
Regards Nigel

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Hi Steve sorry i missed you on the top but i got on the way down.And thank you for the nice words.
Regards Nige.

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Brilliant news Nigel, congratulations to you, your wife and daughter.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

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Congratulations Nigel.
All the best, Dick M0EIQ

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Congratulations to you Nigel + wife + and daughter.

de Terry

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Does this mean another Cream Tea and a Mass Activation of some hill in the near vicinity and in a howling gale ? I suggest Kirby Moor Top


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Many congrats Nigel. I hope all goes well and look forward to providing a signal report to the new arrival in due course. I never did get a QSL card from Jessica… you remember I gave her 10dB over 9, but can’t remember which summit it was from!

My daughter is about 7 weeks off delivery… +/- whatever, so there must be something going around.

73, Gerald

Congrats Nigel.

There’s been a ‘pollination’ around this neck of the woods too (nothing to do with me) but I know in your case it wasn’t an accident! Babies are fine but teenagers should carry a government health warning! Hope all goes well,

73 John G4YSS.

yes , well done Nigel & mum.
There has been a new grandaughter arrive here too on the 24th June.
So I guess something must have been in the air last Sept.
Perhaps an Aurora !!!


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Just to elaborate upon G6LKB’s comment ITS NOT MINE!

Congrats too to Nigel and Mummy

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There is certainly some unusual propagation going on, my second is only 10 weeks old. It does seem to get in the way of Sota somewhat although he did sit in on first qso the other day!
Congratulations Nigel!

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Hi Myke yep when your ready sooner the better.
Regards Nige

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Hi Mike cheers for that i wonder if it will be twins
Regards Nigel

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Hi Gerald hope it all goes well with the berth is it the first?.
I will ask Jessica to do her QSL Cards she needs to send lots out.
Regards Nige.

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Hi Geoff not only aerial :slight_smile: but i think from now on it will only be aerials.
Regards Nige.

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Hi Dave thanks lets hope it all goes well with your new arrival as well. Must be all the rain we are having to much time on are hands no gardening in the rain.
Regards nige.