Go away I don't think so

Well that was interesting.

Chasing a EA4 on 14290 this morning
Got told to go away by an Italian station. by call and personally.
Found that a bit on rude side and no need for it.
Ignored him and carried on calling as i do, Not one after another but try to call in when he calls qrz the once usually and listen to the sota operator as he came in quite strong for short time.

But QSB got better of the freq and no joy getting through.
oh well NEXT as they say.


Was that the EA4FJX activation? It was a bit of a zoo, this morning. No, it was a LOT of a zoo! It beats me why so many chasers insist on making multiple calls while the guy is actually talking.

I’ve often shared a pile-up with you, Karl, there is nothing wrong with your operating.


Yes it was, and thanks for that.
Not enough listening too much shouting.
But there ya go :slight_smile:

Sounds a bit like the caller the other day that gave me two callsigns followed by two reports every time he called me. I did work him - but only after I’d worked everyone who just replied with one callsign - as indeed you did Karl.

Sad that such behaviour occurs which seems to be increasing on the amateur bands.

Have a look at the dx clusters if you want to see insults of the worst kind.

Which is why I do not use dx clusters. Have better things to do.

I Know what you mean Karl well I was told to go away by a British station while on another regular net.
I did mention it before about what the SOTA activators have to contend with now and you cant blame them if they just switch.
A complete zoo at times and one or two unnecessary comments being posted on the spots page.
Takes all kinds Karl just ignore them and lets hope they go away themselves.73 Don.


Hi, Greetings to the community.
I am ea4fjx javier.
Sorry to have seemed rude in any case was my intention. Relmente was a little chaotic many stations calling at the same time qrm do not listen to the station of italy always try to communicate with all stations that call me but not always can. And another station with more reason would work.
Thank you all and I repeat was not my intention.

Sorry for my bad english 73.s

Javier ea4fjx.

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Javier, thank you for the contact today.

Your operating was good, the pile up was as bad as any that I have heard. SOTA activations are few in mid winter, so I think that some chasers got too excited when they heard you!


Hi Karl,

No problem with your operating when chasing. Thankfully not many such egits out there.

Good to work you yesterday.

Neil G0WPO