gm8oeg suffers from wind in the Lomonds

Come out to play at 6AM they said, it will be wonderful they said, there’s Caribbean air, it will be soooo warm, and the band will be full of Australians.

What they omitted to say is that the Caribbean air really really wanted to be in Denmark, by tea time, yesterday. Oh, and that Caribbean air is really, really … moist…

So I duly got up at 5AM, and was indeed at the parking place near the masts on East Lomond GM/SS-198 full of McDonalds double sausage and egg mcmuffin by 0630. Things started to go down from there. It was pointed out to me that we couldn’t actually see the top.

The occasional view of Falkland.

From the car park its only just over a kilometer and 100m vertical but it was clear it was a challenge to get there, the wind was so bad that we had to abandon plan A of attaching the mast to the trig with the dipole nicely aimed at VK long path and instead found somewhere on the north slope to hunker down. It was just possible to put the dipole so the top was just over the brow at about 8ft agl but no higher.

And then it seemed that the VKs were making it as far round the globe to GW and north G but no further. We heard vk5pas/p and vk6nu but not loud enough for them to hear me. No chasers let them know that we were calling so we didn’t stand a chance despite a while shouting. We tried getting some of the US aligators to hear us on 40 but only got as far as them saying “the portable station?” and then just going back to CQing. So we just went back to picking up the usual SOTA chasers on 40m - thankyou, you are appreciated. One S2S with 2e0yyy/p was the hilight.

gm8oeg really enjoying the activation

By 9AM we were ready to call it a day - so far on all activations my 7AH SLAB has had more capacity than me. It became clear that as we stood up to take the aerial down it was windier. And it started to rain…

Ian doing “piglet” impersonations.

It was almost too windy to walk, as you lifted a foot it was blown to the left before you could put it down! But the view to the coast was quite atmospheric:

Well, it was fun, I’ve got to say that, I’ll no doubt do it again. Maybe I might be a bit more of a weather wuss in future though.


Lovely contact you this morning, sorry not got what you said afterwards on 40m but major QRM from side freq kicked in knocking your signal about .



Hi Karl, I think I’ve worked you on every activation! You were particularly strong this morning, but the nice chap who started up 1khz LF did for us! I was waiting for you to appear so I could pack up and go down the hill :smile:

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Throw in a dunking in a ford and you’ve pretty much summed up my morning too!

Couldn’t get any VKs to hear me and even the contest stations were giving up on me. Just managed one SSB contact, a scratchy S2S with M1EYP/P on G/SP-015. I had to qualify my activation on CW.

73, Colin M1BUU

Wow, it does sound an even worse morning than ours, at least we were only wet on one side. I managed 6 ssb on 20m but was panicking at the start we wouldnt get qualified. Thank God for the 40m chasers.

Those of us of a certain age will remember Major Bloodnok and the curried eggs for causing wind :wink:

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I’m sure Grytpype-Thynne could sell him a patent cure that Count Jim Moriarty had made :wink:

Hey up Andy, you had it very windy. I see your wind and raise you squally showers and static rain. The wind on Penvalla was very strong and absolutely baltic. The showers were short and sharp which was good but they caused S9++++ noise as the passed through.

I thought the fishing pole would snap at one point but it’s still going strong after 350+ activations.

The screens nurse, quick, the screens…

Everybody round the back for the Brandy.