GM7PKT - 3000 Pts

Congratulations to Robin on achieving 3000 SOTA activator points while also having now activated 300 unique SOTA summits.
73 de Ken

Congratulations Robin, with the achievment.

You must have seen some stunning scenery up there !!


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Yes, well done Robin - outstanding.
73 de CRIS

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Many congratulations Robin. Thanks for the many chaser points that you have provided for me over the past few months. Always look out for you.

73 and safe climbing/walking


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WOW!! What a superb acheivement Robin, well done.
Congratulations indeed and heart felt thanks for our many QSOs.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

Congratulations Robin, 3001 points makes my 142 points seem a bit tame!


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Very impressive Robin - and thanks for the QSO and contest multiplier on 2m SSB today!



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Nice one Robin - what took you so long? Tnx for all the s2s - here`s to many more. 73 Steve G1INK.

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I thought the post said 300 activator points at first, then took a closer look and almost fell off my chair! A fantastic achievement Robin, hope you carry on to do many more activations.

We are yet to have our first QSO, so hope to meet you on the bands soon.

73 Sam M0SJJ

Well done Robin!

Thanks for all the chaser points you have given me. One of these days I will get you from home on 2 metres rather than HF until then I’ll keep pointing the antennas north and listening.

Time for a wee dram to celibrate I guess.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

Well done Robin,

I shudder to think what your total ascent and mileage is by now; doing all this in GM! You are certainly to be respected. This would not have been predicted by the devisers of the scheme, at the start. Roll on 4k ??

73 John G4YSS.

Thank you to everyone for all the congratulation messages over the air and over the net in the past week. Many have thanked me for activating so many tops but really, it’s me who should be thanking everyone else for patiently waiting for me to arrive on the tops and making my climb worthwhile.

There is no doubt that SOTA is adictive as most of you will already know. In my case it appears there is no known cure and so I will be continuing to activate tops throughout the summer and beyond.

I published the statistics for my first 1k and although I worked out the stats for the second thousand I don’t think I ever published them. I’m in the process of completing the calculations of stats for the last thousand and, for those who are interested, I will post them all when I’ve finished.

Thanks everyone for so many QSOs and I hope we have many more.

73s Robin, GM7PKT.

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sorry I must have missed this when my internet was down for a week.
Belated congratulations and many thamks for all the summits.
Heres to your next 1000

73 Graham G4JZF

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Well done ‘Ol’ timer (;>) Super Robin and looking forward to the stats - sure they will be mind blowing.

SOTA-ing ever onward & upward!


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Well done Robin - you achieve what the rest of us merely aspire to!

Meanwhile, to give the rest of us old men (4COX & me) a chance, could you nail one foot to the floor to see if it will slow you down…!

73 and hope cuagn on a hill

Barry GM4TOE