GM7AAV - The Quest Continues

Just had the pleasure of the company of Steve (AAV) and Helen (AAU) for lunch. Remarkably they didnt get lost enroute from Wanlockhead to Stirling. Both reported suffering from tired legs after their efforts this past week but looking forward to doing some more hills in the coming week from Dunkeld. I think there will be some very interesting activations eports when they return to CQ.


In reply to GM4CFS:

I look forward to catching Steve(AAV) and Helen(AAU) when they are in Dunkeld and out on the summits up this way

hope there legs have recovered and they are fighting fit for part 2 of there trip

all the best to all partys and i hope they have a wonderfull stay

Gordon MM3XGP

In reply to GM4CFS:
Thank you for the invite was lovely to meet you and Mrs CFS (Susan) HI!
We have been overwhelmed by the locals while away, I would like to offer an open invite to anyone traveling to ‘GW-land’. Thanks to Gordon who I had the pleasure of working from Deuchary Hill - tnx for the spot Gordon!

As you all know we did not complete all the summits we set out to do, but we all enjoyed the break, even the youngest - (aged 9) despite the protests whenever we uttered SOTA! We will return and climb those hills we missed out in years to come when our legs have realised that we will continue to climb and our waists have dropped a few inches.

GM oops GW7AAU (hard to drop the GM)