GM4UXH and MM6UXH activation of GM/SI-096 on 24-06

Colin (G4UXH) and Heather (M6UXH) have rung me and asked me to point out that whilst they thought they were on the summit of GM/SI-096 yesterday 24 June at around 1315z on the 40m band they were on another summit of a similar name which was not SI-096 An Cruachan. Could any stations who logged them as being on SI-096 please delete the entries in the SOTA database as the contacts are invalid.


Phil G4OBK

In reply to G4OBK:
Would it not be helpful to those with the wrong number be informed which is the correct summit number to save them time in searching the database.

Many thanks on behalf of the chasers involved.


In reply to G0TRB:
I passed on the information which I was given. If you need further information could I suggest you contact the activators concerned when they return from their holiday.

Phil G4OBK

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Hi Phil.
Got all details when they were talking to G0RQL today .
Thanks G0TRB

In reply to G0TRB:

It’s a good idea in principal Roger. But… it just adds a huge amount of extra work for mainly me. All is not lost. We have messages on here sent by people when references are mixed up which help people alter the logs. Also the confirmation marker will not appear if the chaser and activator details don’t tally. All of which works remarkably well in helping get these mistakes rectified although it does transfer the effort to the chaser.

For the number of contacts made, summits activated and logs entered reference errors don’t happen that often.