GM4TOE Shacksloth

Congratulations to Barry GM4TOE on hitting the 1000 chaser points mark and becoming a Shacksloth.

Well done Barry.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Congrats Barry, Not hrd you fer quite awhile nw,well done on SS.

73 de Geoff,G4CPA.

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Congratulations Barry GM4TOE on Shacksloth.

73 Barry M3PXW (The Whippet)

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Now no special Sloath-dom trophy for you boy! I’ll inspect the next time I pop into the shop - hi!

Good work Barry. Maybe cu at the New Year. Up in Aviemore for the ‘Bells’


Jack (;>)

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hi barry

congrats and well done …


You join an exclusive club Barry. Very few (possibly only you) have achieved both MG and SS, and reached MG 1st!

73, Tom

Many congratulations Barry on the SS achievement. That brings the Scottish Association up to 8 SS’s - over one third of the registered chasers.

I know of one more Scottish Chaser who could easily enter the table at SS status (Andy - MM0USU) if I could only encourage him to upload his log!

Once congrats on a great achievement

73 Glyn…GM4CFS

Many thanks on the congratulations. I had hoped to creep past the total without being spotted - no chance!

Sorry for the lack of activation recently; having been formally promoted to Rain God by my elder daughter - I have the T Shirt to prove it, I tried several times to find a dry day when I didn’t have to look after the shop. My planned activation of ES-001 was well underway (pack in car/ food in pack etc) when the XYL decided to throw herself on the ground in a fit of jealousy while stone cold sober and dislocated her shoulder! I have been looking after the emporium ever since.

Now what is the weather doing this Saturday???

73 and many thanks

Barry GM4TOE

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Congratulation to a very unlikely shack sloth. Well done Barry and thanks for all the GM summits.

73 John GW4BVE

Congratulations Barry & well done and may thanks also for the summits you have activated.

73 Graham G4JZF

Many congratulations Barry hitting the 1000 chaser points mark and becoming a Shack Sloth. As most of your contacts were actually made summit to summit, might I suggest that Summit Sloth would be a more appropriate title.

73, Gerald

Congratulations and well done Barry on reaching shackslothdom.

Robin, GM7PKT