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I note from the UK-Contest reflector that Cris Henderson GM4FAM died peacefully last night in Raigmore Hospital, Inverness.

In addition to being one of the top CW DXers in the UK, Cris was also #2 on the list of Scottish SOTA chasers with 3565 chases to his name. He will be sadly missed.


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That really is a shock Les. I knew Cris very well as an on the air friend and we had many QSO’s. Have not heard him much in SOTA over recent years but note his last QSO on his QRZ online log was 30th June 2012 with the Canaries.

RIP Cris


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Sad indeed, Chris was always on frequency, looking for me when I was striving to complete my mountain goat award. It was a pleasure to call him on cw, usually on 5MHz in the certain knowledge that his booming signal and excellent operating would result in a solid qso. He will be missed.

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Very sad news indeed.

RIP Cris

Roger MW0IDX

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More very sad news. I regularly used to work Cris on SOTA activations. He was always a good, strong signal and a fine operator. His love of radio and CW was infectious. He encouraged me to try CW and one of my earliest CW SOTA QSOs was with him.

I shall reflect on those many chases and QSOs and the passing of another radio friend with a dram or two this evening.


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I just find this so hard to believe. It was not that long ago I had a qso with Cris and he was doing his best to get my CW abilities up to scratch.

Sorely missed in the GM SOTA community (and I expect the contesting world too)

Barry GM4TOE

Very sad news indeed.
Cris kept me company on many a lonely Welsh hill some years ago and was still very active in CW contests this year.
Together with the passing of G4DEZ, this has been a very sobering week for SK’s

RIP et 73 de Peter TJE+

Another shock to the system. Very sorry to hear about Chris who as well as Bryn
I worked a lot, the former doing a lot for WAB in the past

RIP both

73 Graham G4JZF

I am sorry to hear that Cris GM4FAM is now silent key. I worked Cris from GI/MM-001 back in Easter 2008 on HF SSB and I enjoyed a QSO with Cris on 2m FM in August 2009 when I activated GM/ES-001.

Jimmy 2(O)0EYP

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…(and I expect the contesting world too)…

Yes! I worked Cris several times on 160m Contests - he had always nice signals on my small antennas!

RIP Cris

Chris OE3CHC

Really sadness. I used to send email and QSO with Cris.
All my thought is for him.

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Really sad news.
We meet in a lot of contest and SOTA.
RIP Chris.
Andre - f5ukl

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Cris GM4FAM’s funeral was held today at his home near Inverness. He had a good send off with his family and friends. He will be sorely missed in the radio community. My condolences go out to his family.


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Terrible news. Cris was a great SOTA friend who I used to work regularly and on 160m from my GM activations. I think he lived in Kessock not far from the bridge. He always had a good signal and first class operating skills. Andy GM0UDL often joined him. Very sad indeed and a real shock. John.