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Many congratulations on a magnificent achievement Cris, and in setting
a speed record which I do not think will ever be beaten.


Great achievement Chris, well done.

Same as Mick HJD I dont understand your statement Roy, what is being claimed as not going to be beaten for a long time. It cant be fastest time to super sloth surely, if so I suggest you take a peep at Mike GW0DSP chaser log because I think he will shave a mere 2 years plus off Chris’s time even if he gets there by the end of December

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Come on Guys - Lighten up a bit!! What is there not to understand?

I am puzzled why some folks feel the need to nit-pick congratulation messages to someone who has achieved in less than a year what was once a lifetimes target.

No, I did not study indvidual logs before saying “well done”. In common with most chasers Cris worked a few SOTA’s in the months/years before becoming a serious chaser, in October 2006.

Mike may well reach this milestone in even less time, in which case he will richly deserve any plaudits going, but it does not detract from Cris’s effort, which is probably the quickest to date.

Anyone reaching Super-Sloth status deserves a bouquet, but perhaps someone will always complain about the choice of flowers.


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Sorry Roy I am not decrying Chris’s wonderful achievement at all, he should be proud.

What I can’t understand is that you seem to be trying to manipulate the figures to 1 year. whichever way you look at it, Chris began as a sota chaser in 2004, end of story, he has taken 3 years to become super sloth not 1 year whichever way you look at it.

73 Barry M3PXW

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Greetings all

Its good to be part of a really keen bunch - and a big THANK-YOU to all you activators.

Gess I need to do a bit more chasing to reach the 10,000 in one year (!)

Meanwhile, have picked a bunch of dandelions for the bouquet - the roses will hopefully flower a few weeks longer.
73 de Cris

Wello done Cris !!!

Just back from my West Country jaunt which, I believe, gave you another three uniques?

73 de Les, G3VQO