GM4COX/P & GM/ES-035 activation 14/03/14 - wrong r

Hi folks,

My activation of GM/ES-035 14MHz CW - on the 14th March has the wrong ref. It should have been GM/ES-055. I would be obliged if you could alter your logs accordingly and I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. Can’t read my own writing at times - hi!



PS: Andy (FMF) it is indeed a fine wooded hill except the wind was trying to ‘down’ a few of them on my ‘heed’ (:>)

In reply to GM4COX:

It’s a gem of a hill. Just steep and long enough to get the old ticker thumping away. It was truly magic amongst the trees at the top such that the showers didn’t bother me. I can imagine it being ‘exciting’ in a real wind.

Creag Ghiubhais GM/ES-067 is another wooded gem looking at the pictures. I’ve still got to bag it though. I think Barry GM4TOE has a lower opinion of it to me. Maybe I’ll agree with him when I get around to doing it.


In reply to MM0FMF:
ES-055 is a lovely hill but very rarely activated (4 times now Jack has done it). The view across the glen to the North is interesting too.

When you go onto activate ES-067 I will stand-by with the ant killer and the extra oxygen! Unless it has been cleared you may want to use a vertical as well!


Barry GM4TOE