Hi All,
Just to say sorry did not have time to do all the bands that I said I would do just did not have the time as I didn’t get on the Island till 1345hrs and had to be back for the ferry at 1700hrs and as it was a good hours walk to the fell top and 15mins to set up a good hour with all the chasers that at were calling, so would like to say thank you for making it a good day beside being late with low tide just one of those things, so thank you again.


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No problem Terry. You did a fantastic job! Keep on going!
73, Frans, PAoINA.

Got you today thou :smiley:

Thanks again Another New IOTA, new island and new WAB and new Sota to boot too all in one.

And was in middle building me 9:1 Unun.

karl 73s

Looks like a good job you doing there, well had a good day today out on the fells weather was good but not tomorrow rain coming in so a rest day I think and a visit to the distillery here is on order, I was suppose to go today but got cancelled, I could have done GM/SI-046 as well but not to worry that’s the next one on my list.
Ok thanks for all the contacts today and to the guy’s that spotted me, off for a beer or two 73



Hi Terry,

Missed you on HF by half and hour, but was looking for you on 2M, along with Robin GM7PKT for a S2S and a new summit for us both. C’est la Vie :confused:

Possibly Saturday?


Jack (;>J