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GM/WS--- and GM/NS--- holiday

My family and I are going on holiday to the north west coast of Scotland over the half term week.

There are plenty of summits accessible to me and hopefully I will be able to activate a few.

The reason that these are not posted as alerts are because none of this can be set in stone; we all know what family and the weather can be like (noisy, annoying, unpredictable etc. :smiley: (sorry Mum)) Also there are a few more details I wish to include.

I will be on 2m FM, no desired frequency, just listen for me calling (If you care to lend a fellow SOTA-bub some time)

Possibles are:
GM/WS-337 An Cuaidh 296m 1pt
GM/WS-324 Meall an Doirein 420m 1pt
GM/WS-328 Meall Lochan a’Chleirich 403m 1pt
GM/NS-040 Beinn Airigh Charr 791m 4pts
GM/NS-062 Meall Mheinnidh 722m 4pts
GM/NS-027 Beinn Lair 860m 4pts
GM/NS-011 Slioch 981m 6pts

GM/WS-337 is pretty much definite; it is right next to our cottage/house thing. We are in Melvaig, the nearest island being Lewis. On Lewis there is a repeater, I will try to hit this (not for SOTA of course) to see what kind of activity I can get (http://www.ukrepeater.net/repeaters/gb3ig.htm).

Equipment I will be using:
5w Kenwood TH-G71 handheld kindly lent to me by David Latimer G3VUS
3 element yagi on loan from Paul Fletcher M1PAF

During the journey up in the car (9 hours) I will try and contact someone with the handy and a 5/8 wave mag-mount on the roof of the car.

Thanks for reading all of that, can’t think of much else to say other than: spots would be much appreciated as I suspect that I will be struggling for contacts in the barren, unknown wilderness…(beautiful, spectacular wilderness).

All the best, catch you on the air,

M6AIM…MM6AIM by this time tomorrow.

In reply to M6AIM:
Well i hope i hear you and ill spot as required, im in IO77ur so should have a reasonable chance.


In reply to M6AIM:

Best of luck with the activations & I hope you have a great holiday.

2m FM will probably be a challenge, but as long as chasers know you are going to be there they will listen for you.

With 80m being a little poor of late & 40m very easily filled by contest stations, your best for alternative bands would probably be the bands between 20m & 10m, or even 6m. With a handheld FM transceiver on 2m you can virtually rely on conditions being what you are used to, i.e. just beyond line of sight. Currently, 10m can open up to Europe with no warning at all which would give you the possibility of many more contacts. Of course, propagation at 28MHz cannot be guaranteed :wink:

Whatever happens, I hope you have a great holiday :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF