GM/SS preplanning stage

Hi all,

Just wanting to pick the expert brains of anyone who can advise please?

GM/SS-118 Wisp Hill and GM/SS-146 Elison Fell

Is there an access route from MossPaul Inn?

I am looking to activate a couple of GM Summits as I’ve got no activations in that Association?

Thanks Tony

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Hi Tony

Check out the links from both summit pages to my blog reports, from visits same day in 2015 and note mine and the comments from David G0EVV, about parking due to a fatal accident that occurred near the road bridge on the A7 some years ago (For GM/SS-118 Wisp Hill).

I recall there was something to fix my pole to on GM/SS-118, but nothing on GM/SS-146 where I had to guy my 5m pole.

73 and good luck with the trip there,

Phil F/G4OBK/P for another week…

Hi Phil,

Hope your French trip is going well?

I have read those blog reports and the route you both took would be too much for me!

Looking on both the OS Map and Google maps, there is a Path of sorts that crosses the A7 at Mosspaul Inn, The lay-by park opposite the inn is clear and can be used as viewed in street level on Google (image captured Aug 2012?) Also on the side to Elison Fell there is path and a gate?

That’s why I was wondering if anybody had attempted the summits from this lay-by park spot?

The route certainly up between Dodd Hill and Glenrief Rig, looks less steep albeit possible Heather hopping??

Thanks Tony

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Ellson Fell by Martyn M1MAJ’s route is better than Phil’s from the hotel. Just about everyone does Wisp hill and Pikethaw Hill as a pair from Eweslees Farm.

This is what the ground looks like around there… lots of grass and not many paths. I did all three because they needed doing but there are plenty of better hills.

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Thanks Andy,

Yes, I am looking at points of access as we type, The route from Eweslee Farm don’t suit my mobility issues.

I have however just spotted an access route up from Burnfoot round crude hill and up to the tower on Glenrief Rig which would leave me with short 127m rise to Elison Fell?

I wanted to try to challenge myself a small amount on a couple of 2 pointers that were drivable to from Carlisle?


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Me too. I parked in the lay-by on the west side of the A7, about a third of the way between Enterluce Sike and Tevioyhead. I was planning to do Ellson Fell after the other 2 but wimped out, so I can’t advise you on that. I’m not sure there is a gentle route up Wisp Hill, it’s steep. You mention “mobility issues”; I think there might be better hills in GM/SS to tackle first - Green Lowther GM/SS-056 for example. It’s tarmac right to the summit (I cycled).

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Thanks for that idea Andy, I will look at the route, makes me wonder if its drivable to the Radar station at Lowther hill and then walk remainder to Green Lowther via Green Trough? (Edit:: No its not within the rules of SOTA as Lowther Hill is at 725m so not 25m below Green Lowther)

Luckily I am only in the early planning stages

Cheers Tony

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I don’t think so Tony. When I was there the gate was shut and locked at the foot of the access road. Enjoy whatever you choose

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Absolutely not. Private road and a sensitive security/safety facility is located there.

Thanks Andy, glad you confirmed :+1:


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