Apologies to any chasers waiting for me to change bands from 20m tonight. My aerial collapsed and broke just after my 3rd contact. I managed to patch it together to continue on 20m, but when I changed to 40m after no further replies, I didn’t seem to be getting out :slightly_frowning_face:.

Don’t worry (if you were :wink:). I have a different aerial for my activation on Wednesday - a first time activation access and work permitting.

HI Andy, many thanks for nice QSO S2S today on OK/JM-059 :slight_smile:
73 de David OK4KOP

Yes thanks for finding me David. Hope to catch you again soon. It was a beautiful evening here (over 20C!). Hope you had a good activation.

Thanks for the summit…I’m one of the lucky four :wink:

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