GM/SS-195 Mendick Hill GM4OBK/P

This was a successful activation with 27 QSOs - three of them using an Yaesu FT-4X - a cheap Chinese handheld and RH770 whip to work MM0FMF on his handheld in his bedroom which give Andy a SOTA Complete, Steve MM0XPZ near Greenock was worked and then an S2S QSO with Colwyn MM0YCJ/P on GM/SS-184 Middlefield Law.

I found an issue with the tiny FT4-X - when talking into the microphone the display fogs up with breath moisture, so you cannot then read the frequency! After the 3 QSOs I switched on my KX2 on 20m, 30m, and 40m and made another 24 QSOs, but condx were poor I felt.

After these photos were taken and before we left the summit, I was overcome with “the runs” and later on back at our hostelry, sickness, so this put paid to a visit yesterday to SS-177 Wether Law and SS-029 Broad Law today, most unfortunate, as I particulary looking froward to Broad Law but was simply too weak to contemplate climbing. Now we are back home and I am feeling a little better than I was yesterday at this time.

73 Phil G(M)4OBK/P


That explains your non-appearance today. Never mind, hope you’re feeling better now back home.

It was a surprisingly easy handy to handy QSO… 15.5km and over the end of the Pentland Ridge.

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Way too much detail.


Hi Phil,

Tnx 4 QSO. Hope you are feeling better.

2 element yagi was on an Ash tree branch I collected from a fly tip at the road (why do they do that?)




…with Colwyn MM0YCJ/P on GM/SS-184 Middlefield Law.

Was that what accounted for the ‘wooden’ quality of the transmission :smiley:

Sorry I missed you - working on Anne’s ‘buggy’


Which accounts for the “wooden” quality of the transmission on Thursday, why it happens on every other activation requires further research!

I also have sat on that seat, several years, ago so no viruses will be present.
Get well Phil.

Great to see you out activating @G4OBK Phil, sorry to hear of the sickness woes, hope you get out again soon!

Mark. M0NOM