GM/SS-182 and a surprise from California

If interested in a few snaps of the Scottish Borders from Spartleton near Whiteadder Water then click away at



Hi Paul,

I enjoyed Spartleton - it was the second of four on a quick raid into Scotland some years ago. I know what you mean about access and going through farmyards. I do try to circumnavigate farms, but it is not always easy with a lack of suitable openable gates. I try not to climb fences or walls wherever possible. On one occasion I met a farmer who actually called me through the farmyard to save me the detour around. Most are friendly when they see I am not likely to cause them any problems… must be getting old!

73, Gerald G4OIG

Edit: I forgot to say congratulations on the contact with California. I have yet to manage that from a summit… nearly had a contact back in November 2016, but nearly isn’t good enough.


Thanks on the 20m Cal contact which was quite a surprise for me. I remember when trying from this end (W6 land) during one of the EU-NA events that I could hear EU stations from my peak and could work them but none where regular SOTA chasers.