Gm ss-129

Great condx on 20m today from GM/SS-129.
LNR Precision mountain topper 3b with 2w into an EFHW vertical antenna. Best dx was N4EX and N1GB

Well done Doug, and nice to see the wee beastie in the ‘wilds’ - hi! And if I’d been watching the Alerts (presume you alerted?) I’m sure we could have worked on ground wave?

GL with your future SOTAearing with the Mountain Topper.



Hi Jack,
No I didn’t advertise the activation, but I will do next time. Was nice to get a run of 5 stations in a row (at one point) and even a pile up depth of 2 :-). Learned a few lessons:

  1. need to bring something better to sit down on
  2. I had to set up on the leeward side of the summit due to the wind. In my mind eye I was going to use the trig point to hold the pole but was lucky to find a small fir tree. Need to bring guy ropes and pegs next time.
  3. Need to bring warmer coat for the dog, he was cold and kept pushing into me for a heat especially when it started snowing. Not good mid pile up hi.
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Good Doug - your now own a learning curve to this great aspect of our hobby. And there is bags of advice on this Reflector to keep you straight - hi!


I saw the spot for 20m CW and had a listen, but nothing heard from you Doug. I also looked for Andy GM8OEG later on, but nothing heard there either. Obviously skip was a little too long yesterday.

73, Gerald G4OIG (on G/DC-008 down in Cornwall).

Thanks for trying Gerald.Hopefully next time I may be active on 40m as well.

Unfortunately I didn’t have 40m with me, so I missed out on more local S2S opportunities, but getting across the pond was the priority on this occasion. There is always far too much to do on a summit, even with a 5 hour operating window!

73, Gerald G4OIG