GM Sloth #10 - MM0XXP

Congrats to Alan for reaching the tenth Shack Sloth in GM-land.

Always happy to work you when we are oot ‘n’ aboot, here’s to many more.

Cheers Alan

Neil 2M0NCM

Congratulations Alan on achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M3EYP

Congratulations, Alan…

Even though you are in the clouds most of the time hihi.

Onward to the next 1,000…


Well done Alan,

Always a pleasure to get you in the log, s2s or otherwise and to have a wee chat about the hills with you.

Iain, MM3WJZ

In reply to MM3WJZ:
Well done Alan, hope to get you in the log sometime soon!!


Well done from me too Alan. Always great to work you whether giving or receiving points on a summit. Hope to work you again soon.

Roddy, 2M0IOB

In reply to 2M0NCM:
Thanks for the post I missed this, my internet has been down. BT too quick to cut me off and Sky too slow with my new router!

I thimk it was due to the sunday most of the GM activators were on 8 and 10 pointers Jack GM4COX 16, Graeme 2M0GIL 14, Neil 8, Robin 8 and I think there was another few S2S contact when I activated Ben Lui.

And a special thanks to Robin GM7PKT for the 10 point on the following Friday,
Robins activation was my 250 chased, and his 10 point put my total to 1001 points and 10th in GM.

And a big thangs to all the activators worked to gain Shack Sloth S2S and home QTH.

MR0XXP (for the next few days)

In reply to MM0XXP:
Well done that boy!

Now stop ‘Slothing’ around and start seriously chasing that ‘Goat’ - bleet/bleet! - or should that be puff/puff!!!


In reply to MM0XXP:
Great to work you recently,hope we have many more summit to summit contacts & well done on becoming shack sloth.


In reply to 2M0GIL:
Congratulations Alan been nice to work you from some of the hills down in my area recently. Heres to you going for the goat now.


In reply to MM1MPB:
Congratulations Mark MM1MPB on achieving the Shack Sloth.

You were not that far behind me, but I see from the stats that you caught up and past me, well done.

Hope to work you again Mark I’ll pop up soon down your way on APRS!


In reply to MM0XXP:
Thanks Alan being a sloth has kick started me so now starting on trying to get towards a goat but may take a while. Im out next sunday in the lakes doing fairfield G/LD-007 with GM4WHA so hopefully catch you from a hill top then if your about and keep up the good work.


In reply to MM0XXP:

Congratulations Alan on achieving Shack Sloth.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

In reply to MM1MPB:

Congratulations to you also Mark in achieving Shack Sloth.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Congratulations Mark on achieving the Shack Sloth, it had been good to work you from some G/LD SOTA summits this Bank Holiday Weekend.

Jimmy M®3EYP on G/LD-057

Well done Mark, always good to get you when we done the southern half of the country.

Until the next time.

Neil 2M0NCM