GM/SI-157 Saxa Vord

The worst kept recent secret has now been officially confirmed, the RADAR station is to be reopened. MoD confirms Unst radar base plans | Shetland News

This was patently obvious when I was there and the return of a powerful airsearch RADAR is likely to make the place a lot less welcoming than it is now. Not only are you going to subject to Shetland’s notoriously fickle weather, but significant RF exposure. Whether the current access to area immediately outside the top enclosure will be restricted is anyone’s guess.

If you want to activate this then you should get your skates on before you’re really not welcome or it’s just not sensible to go there,

Just in time for me I think.

News today.

And I wonder who will be left to clear up the detritus once they have finished using the top of the hill? They certainly didn’t do a very good job first time round!!!

Wonder if it was written into the planning permission. Oh I forgot - ‘defence of the nation’ :joy:


Here is the latest

Very nice. Thanks Gerald.

I plan to be there on Sun the 3rd June. If my map reading skills are correct the activation zone extends beyond the barbwire. Also Sunday is the RAF day off.

We shall see


I was outside the wire and in the AZ when I was there. Not sure how QRO the new thing in the radome is though. I’d hazard a guess 23cms operation would be challenging up there now!

Driving to the old “mid-station” buildings was OK last August, no longer MOD property. Driving further is contra-indicated.

EDIT: looking at that picture, a few lattice masts have been removed and it looks like the neighbouring comms towers have been denuded somewhat. The super funky HF antennas are still there.

I hope the natives are friendly. I will have my bike for access it there is any new signage on the road.


Good luck! I would suggest if you want to be sure to activate it that you line up a 2M FM “banker” locally that you can do off a handheld, so you can at least get one quick QSO in as you walk into the AZ… then if MOD Police or such like move you on before you can get properly set up it will at least be a valid activation, even if you don’t get 4 QSO for the point.

Keen to hear how you get on one way or the other.

Good luck with Saxa Vord David, look forward to hearing how you get on. Might see if I can get away for a couple of days to somewhere without the impenetrable RF smog that engulfs the home QTH. Would really like the chance at a few Shetland completes! Sadly back at work Tuesday onwards :frowning:

Wonder what power you’ll be using? Coincidentally I was there almost eleven years ago to the day and found it quite challenging with the 817 barefoot.

Have a great time!

73 de Paul G4MD

I presume we don’t go to war on a Sunday then? “Sorry old boy lets make it a Monday if you don’t mind for our global annihilation attempt - Sunday’s not good for me” Sad!


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Hmmm… looking interesting. @g0evv

From your alerts David, you’ll be on Valla Field or Saxa Vord when I hope to be either on a DL/BW or FL/VO summit next Sunday. At 950km, VOACAP suggests my 5W on 30m has an 80%+/- chance of succeeding. That would be a nice S2S and complete. You watch the WX be diabolical for me now…