My apologies to any stations waiting for a qso on 30/20m. with GM/SI-131 yesterday but as I arrived on the summit the mist and drizzle descended driven by a strong gusty wind.
After seeking shelter in the lee of the summit I was able to set up in the rather poor visibility (hardly able to see from one end of the dipole the other end) and slight drizzle.
My first call on 7032 resulted in the usual 599 signal from Phil G4OBK (thanks for the spot Phil), followed by a further 30 or so qso’s with a pole collapse in mid qso with HB9CGA.
As the calls slowed the visibility had improved, so decided to cut and run while the going was good and make my way down the 2.5 miles of bog and swamp.
My thanks to the stations worked, to Aage LA1ENA/P for the S2S, and again apologies to those I missed.
73 Mike G0BPU