My apologies for the short activation of GM/SI-060 this afternoon (13/08/14) but the wind and rain took there toll, no way was I able to deploy the 3 band link dipole so some ingenuity was called for and a 20m up and outer configured by separating the 20m dipole wires. However it was still blown over a number of times before becoming QRV.
Whatever the swr was on the antenna it seemed to be working well with some big signals coming in after a couple of cq’s, but after 8 qso’s it all came crashing down again in mid qso with Friedrich DL1FU so again apologies but by this time I was struggling to stand up in the wind let alone operate.
After a quick bung it all in the rucksack it was off on the 3hr walk down in quite poor visibility and magnetic anomaly on the hill upsetting the compass (gps really earned its keep) arriving at the roadside rendezvous point only an hour late (1615z).
Was it worth the effort ? Well of course, around 10 miles walked, loads of wildlife {deer, eagles etc not mention the F&F} and an unactivated summit activated.
So to the stations worked thank you for the qso’s, also thanks and apologies to the stations who called and unfortunately did not get a qso.
The real disappointment of the day was finding the local (well sort of ) fish and chip is still broken !!!
VY 73 Mike GM0BPU/P
South Uist.