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GM Mountain weather forecasting services

I plan on putting @MM0FMF Andy’s theory that mwis.org over-exaggerate their forecasted wind speeds and that www.mountain-forecast.com have nailed it, to the test this weekend.

I’m in Edinburgh with work tonight and plan on being up and down Ben Cleuch GM/SS-059 tomorrow morning before the storm hits. It’s likely to be 2m FM only. ETA 1000z.

Then once things calm down, a possible activation of Carn a’Chlamain GM/CS-031 on a very cold and snowy Sunday. We’ll see…

I would have done Arthur’s Seat this afternoon, but the meeting ran on and anyway the Rangers Service didn’t reply to my email.


I’m glad you didn’t get to Arthur’s Seat this afternoon as I am in Leeds on business. Desperate to chase that summit for SOTA complete. Missed it for the last 19+ years. Just hope I’m in when you go there and use 60m for guaranteed propagation into Yorkshire!

73 Phil

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Phil, I am aware of your need for the Complete and would have let you know, and taken HF (60m) kit with me today had I gained permission. Having not gained permission, I just have the 2m handheld with me, the rest of my gear being left behind in the car at the Park’n’Ride.

I’m hoping I can hear you from the “office” and get a chase.


And hear him I did!

Thanks for the QSO. I knew Fraser was in a hurry so it was just a quick exchange of reports and I left him to work the others calling. He did say very windy so it will be good to see if mountain-forecast.com comes up trumps. It was certainly accurate for last Sunday compared with the low level forecasts.

But that is Ben Cleuch completed and it only took 14yrs 5 months between my first activation and finally getting to chase it.


Glad to help with your Complete! I’ll stick a short report on here in a bit. That is if I still have electricity…


Power off for an hour now. Mobile network just came back up.

Unfortunately I uploaded the photos on to my PC, so the activation report will have to wait a little longer.

Thankfully we have other means of heating and light. Oh, and Malt Whisky.


Was that windy enough for you - tested the survivability of my (guyed) vertical :unamused:

We were very lucky here on the edge of the red zone. It was windy and gusty but nothing serious. That was at 165m ASL. I can imagine it was “exciting” on your elevated and exposed coastal location. The lights flickered a few times, that was all.

Thank you for thinking of me Fraser, just catching up here on reflector after a busy week…

73 Phil

Oh yes - trying to tie down the garden storage box was “interesting” and, despite being 80m above sea level, the windows are clatted with salt!!!

Well I just made it to work in Westhill. Chainsaw in the back of the Landie.

Power still off at home, since 1800 last night. No cell network for 20 miles from home either!

My 6m beam is still up though!


We got a couple of inches of snow in Brum this morning, more than we had in the whole of last winter! A few branches down but my antennas are OK. Time to get the dahlias up!

Its grim Up North…

We had very strong winds combined with wet snow and it has stuck to cables and pulled lots of mains ones down - and my doublet! Mains went last night, No network coverage, however our 3kW petrol generator has been pressed into service so we have cooking and heating from the Rayburn, and the optical fibre linking to the outside world is once again lit so have broadband. It is now -2 with about a 30 mph wind so I’m not fixing anything yet and there are enough spare watts to play radio … well QRP radio…

73 Paul