GM/ES-086 Brimmond Hill spot

I activated GM/ES-086 today and for one spot I sent my callsign incorrectly as G4OOE when of course it should have been GM4OOE/P - Sorry!

Nick GM4OOE/P (for a few days!)

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No probs Nick. Thanks for the contacts and stay safe and warm.
Best 73

I’m wondering how you managed to sneak up a hill I can see from my office window and then a do another one about four miles from my house, all without me noticing!


Hi Fraser
I was in the area for a few days visiting family and managed to squeeze in 3 GM/ES activations. You wouldn’t have seen me on Brimmond Hill as the wx was horrendous - hi hi! However, I did enjoy all of them. I now have done 5 GM/ES summits and hopefully will do some more next year!



Excellent! Look forward to it, hopefully with better weather for you next time.

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