GM/ES-082 Activation

With this activation I’ve completed all summits on OS sheet 28, my local map. Well, you’ve got to start somewhere!

Not my best performance with the paddle, but I’ll keep trying. For some reason today I couldn’t send f, I kept dropping one and sending u instead. At one stage I sent " my sota reu is…" about 3 times before saying qrx and giving the paddle a dirty look, it didn’t work.

I checked the contest calendar before going out and thought I would be all set for a nice time on 20 & 40, but no, when I turned the rig on my heart sank, I must’ve looked at the wrong month. My kx1 is just the basic 2 bands version so no escape to the warc bands for me today. I managed to ease into a QRG and crack the activation though.

Finally, just to rub it in I called MW0BBU Dave? sorry Steve. I do try to remember names but probably don’t activate often enough to remember them.

Still, it was nice to get out for a walk up a really nice hill, with views to most of the other hills I’ve activated this year.

73, Ian MQ0GYX

In reply to MM0GYX:

Did it snow? First time in a few summits it didn’t snow on me. There was snow laying on the summit of Culter Fell SS-049 and loads on the top of Broad Law SS-029 but none fell out of the sky on me.

20m was slow going but I qualified it. If I hadn’t managed to find a signal and self spot I’d have had to change antennas for 40m and try there. I did hear a YB on 15m SSB with a huge pileup after him. I didn’t bother :wink:


In reply to MM0FMF:
No snow for me either, a little rain but quite pleasant otherwise. I got one call on 20 from a self spot but he commented on the qrm so I went to 40 where I had better luck.

I was using a little bulldog clip paddle which I haven’t got set right yet.