GM/ES-028 Monamenach GM0GAV/P 07/01/2018

It was a great weather forecast so the alarm was set for 0615, my XYL and son headed off for a half day skiing at Glenshee. I almost went skiing also, but decided it would be very busy so headed for Monamenach. We needed to be at a family get together late afternoon so had to be a short day. Big queues for the tows so I made the right choice :slight_smile:

I took the shortest route from Auchavan in Glen Isla, took an hour to the summit. Good number of mountain hares spotted. After a chat with some locals in Perth on 2m I had 30 minute blast on CW. That was enough, hands would no longer drive the paddle! Packed up and headed for home. Conditions great, 48 qsos with KX2 and 9m inv L.

Sun rise behind Badandun Hill GM/ES-037


Monega Hill

Glas Maol GM/ES-012

Creag Leacach (Munro)

Mayar & Driesh (Munros)

Top of Glen Isla

SE Into the sun


Great shots. Looks like you were ON the moon.

Nice pictures. Thanks for the story behind the QSO’s. Good Job Gavin!

Good one Gav - curling yesterday afternoon and last night so sort-of-on-the-ice. And it’s been years since I’ve skied at Glenshee, but it certainly looked a superb day for it :skier:

And didn’t I tell you SOTA was addictive. Poor soul - hi!