Gm cream tea

It seems a shame to deny our GM friends the opportunity to participate in Cream Tea. So to be fair have arranged one for Sat 27 Sep on Ord Ban. This will coincide with our excursion to the Cairngorms for a few days. Will be staying at Loch Morlich YH (or whatever posh name they have given it) over the period.

In reply to G6DDQ:
Being one of the nearest (and dearest) activators to Ord Ban I am game for a chuckle. If the xyl does not catch me I can raid the shop chiller for a selection of Scottish cheese to ensure we have enough calories for this mammoth ascent.

Barry GM4TOE

And I have a very silly hat!

In reply to GM4TOE:

Love Ord Ban, small yet so beautiful - just like a Border Collie.

Will be in touch with final details and my call in beforehand now that all the medical probs are sorted