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Gm 2010

If we’re quibbling about vanity adjectives on food and drink, I really ought to complete the GM story.

I spoke to Marianne by 'phone on the long descent route to Glenmore Lodge. “I hope you’re not doing another 5am get-up in the morning to do SOTA again” she said, without a hint of irony. I assured her that was the last thing on my mind!

Instead, on the Friday, we drove to Fochabers, to visit the Baxters Highland Visitor Centre for lunch and shopping. I did get some single malt whisky and fudge as well, but suffice to say one of our kitchen cupboards is now two thirds full courtesy of 57 cans of Baxters soup!

Look out for those tasty flavours in upcoming activation reports!


And finally…

The photos are on for all our GM 2010 activations.

See http://tomread.co.uk

(As a bonus, one of the GM summit pages from this trip has some special photos from another special place up there!).