Giving Up on SOTA - Moving to WMPLOTA

Climbing to the tops of hills has become blasé. Time to move on to the next big thing.

Walmart Parking Lots on the Air


I recently proposed BOTA (Breweries On the Air), and it was received with wild acclaim. I am disheartened to see that nobody has done the work to bring my brilliant idea into being. I guess I am going to have to do it myself eventually.


“Distilleries on the Air” might be a better option, particularly in Scotland, but I wonder whether anyone would be capable of making 4 contacts after “setting up”… :wink:


We’re not talking about a challenge that just any ol’ OP can take on. This is srs biz. Bonus points would clearly have to be awarded for cw contacts.


I’ll gladly help you do craft brew pubs OTA… :smiley: I’m staggering distance to two local breweries here in Tahoe…


Would you get bonus points based on your blood alcohol content? Bonus for brewery to brewery contacts? :smile:

Given the changes we are expecting to our cannabis laws here in Canada, this summer the “magic smoke” on the summit may not be coming from the electronic components …

Whatever happened to the “Sewage Lift Stations on the Air” concept floated (Ugh!) not too long ago? After the initial flush of success, I suppose it, too, floundered?

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Who proposed that? They should pursue it, undeterred.


I think that was just a paper exercise…

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In loo of anything better!

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That rhymes with “word”!

Great idea, Mark.
And a truly hilarious site. Excellent!
Zoran / E70AA

I’d rather keep on top of that one…

“Distilleries on the Air” might be a better option, particularly in Scotland”

Work quite well for the W4T boys also.