Gibraltar, ZB2/GI-001

Gibraltar, 28/09/23. With a Reciprocal License from the G.R.A. (ZB2/ON4ROB), limited in choise of frequency (no HF), power (max. 100 W. ERP / no separate amp.) and transmitting location (only from Europa Point), my dream of an activation of ZB2/GI-001 didn’t came out…

When visiting the local HAM community in there clubhouse (ZB2BU), the contacts with @zb2gi and @zb2jk where very supporting and an activation could be possible with their help, but I’ve made the decision to try to make VHF QSO’s out of Europa Point with my own (portable) equipment (VHF - FM / homebrew dualband antenna / fishing pole of 6m. and an old but faithful Yeasu Ft-2200). The result: only a lot of “traffic” on 145.215 but no call-signs… Nevermind, “once” I’ll come back, with other equipment (VHF - SSB / portable Yagi). Gibraltar is now on my bucketlist…



73, ON4ROB.


Sorry you didn’t get it activated. Maybe the answer is to prearrange contacts near by in Spain? For the “unique” you only need 1 contact. 4 would of course be great.

It’s on my list too. So a full write up of the process would be appreciated.


I would have thought the answer would be to get one of the locals to call in from the bottom of the Rock. They have a few active amateurs, if the regular reports in RadCom and PW are anything to go by.


It’s actually pretty active on 70cm - analogue FM and repeaters - in ZB2 and neighbouring EA7, including a number of British ex-pats. So ZB2/GI-001 should be easily qualified simply with a UHF handheld.



Of course, I could have pre-arranged my contacts on VHF. The hospitality in the clubhouse was very supporting, and it couldn’t be a problem. But for me SOTA means: adventure, be free in nature, fishing for QSO’s in the global HAM World, the challange of I will succeed with the equipment that I’ve choosen for that moment, without any pre-arranged help. It’s just a “character trait” of me…




I thought it should be no problem to make VHF QSO’s (FM / 25w. / portable) from Europa Point to Ceita (11 Miles), Spain (5 Miles), Marokko (15 to 30 Miles). I’ve used the Gibraltar FM stand-by frequency (145.500). But no succes.

Europa Point is not the SOTA summit, but I had only the permission of the G.R.A. to transmit from that point. Maybe it’s easier to have more operation freedom when you have your stay (hotel) in Gibraltar (you have to give a contactable adress on the application form for your reciprocal licence). I was with my VAN in La Linea and made the trips to Gibraltar with the bike (very little waiting time on the border, but terrible hills and an terrible tunnel!).

73, ON4ROB



Yes, it’s possible but when you want to transmit from the summit you should be accompanied by an OM from G.A.R.S. It’s a very restrictived area. Handhelds in Gibraltar? In the clubhouse they told me that the gouvernment is very suspicious when they see some one with one of this things on the rock. They do surveillance. Smugglers (human / drugs), you know?…

73, ON4ROB


At least it’s cool in the tunnel… sq9mdf and next to it…


There were many attempts to activate The Rock. Not a happy place.
It takes eight people who have a ham radio license and are determined to succeed :face_with_peeking_eye:.
In the first half of the day, four people are on The Rock and four are on La Linea.
In the second half of the day, the teams switch places.
In the evening, everyone celebrates their success with a good dinner. :partying_face: :plate_with_cutlery: :beers: :champagne:
A (SOTA) complete success. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Is anyone interested ??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Not what I was told. I applied after some email discussion, and my intention to operate with a 70cm handheld while walking around, including the Rock, was declared. There were some restrictions, but nothing to do with operating alone with a handheld from the Rock. I didn’t activate it for SOTA in any case, as I didn’t have Jimmy M0HGY with me!