GI/EI trip

So far…

GI/AH-005 Agnew’s Hill - Thursday 30th March 2023

Staying in Marianne’s hometown of Larne for the first few days. Wx better than expected weather inspired an afternoon raid of the most local SOTA to Larne. A very damp boggy trudge up the summit.

Tom MI1EYP/P - 36 QSOs

20m FT4: 11 QSOs
20m CW: 19 QSOs. (inc. EA8ADS)
20m SSB: 6 QSOs (inc. EG2GURU)

Jimmy MI0HGY/P - 10 QSOs

2m FM: 9 QSOs (inc. 2E0MIX over the sea)
20m SSB: 1 QSO (EA2GURU)

GI/AH-008 Big Collin - Friday 31st March 2023

Tom MI1EYP/P - 49 QSOs

20m FT4: 19 QSOs
20m FT8: 11 QSOs
20m SSB: 9 QSOs
20m CW: 10 QSOs

Solo outing and another boggy approach. On the descent, I found that I could have stayed on the gravel track for much longer, and waited for a grassy path up much less damp terrain!

Some DX today:

3 VKs, plus FK, JA and EA8.

Hoping to join in the VK/ZL event tomorrow morning from Slemish GI/AH-007.

Heading to EI on Sunday.


Nice one Tom. I kept seeing the FT8 spots from you on 20m from Big Collin this morning and just took a look at 14074 during the latter part of your activity to see if I could see you - yes surprisingly, I could. You were -16 - and I worked you 2nd or 3rd call. The weather looks like it was better over the Irish Sea than it was here at the time you were on, very dull and starting to drizzle. I hope you work the DX over the weekend.

73 Phil G4OBK


Such an excellent name for a hill. :slight_smile:


Saturday 1st April 2023 - Slemish GI/AH-007

5am get-up for a solo early activation of the famous mountain where St Patrick tended his sheep. As far as I am concerned the ascent is a scramble. I’m sure the climbing fraternity would grade that scramble as a “walk”…

With only a very light breeze, I set up right on the summit for the DX S2S event.

Tom MI1EYP/P - 26 QSOs

20m SSB - 11 QSOs
20m CW - 13 QSOs
2m FM - 2 QSOs


VI10SOTA - VK1/AC-068
VK2IO/P - VK3/VE-025
VK5CZ - VK5/SE-010

Other S2S:

SO15TA/P - SP/BZ-038
SP15OTA - SP/BZ-072
IK2LEY/P - I/LO-286

Other DX:



Monday 3rd April 2023 - Dunaff Hill EI/IN-090

First full day on the Inishowen Peninsula, Co. Donegal. A walking and radio (SOTA) day with Jimmy EI/M0HGY/P.

A previously unactivated summit - and I made my first contact before Jimmy made his - so I’ll be claiming the “first”!

Very scenic cliff-top path approach. Stunning views of the north Donegal coastline.

15 contacts made on 20m CW and a couple of summit-to-summits on 20m SSB.

1 QSO on 2m FM then 8 on 20m SSB (including 2 S2S).

Binnian EI/IN-087

Next, a short drive east to Ballyliffin. This walk also climbed high above a very nearby coastline and afforded great views. It was very damp underfoot in most places though!

17 contacts on 20m CW, culminating in a S2S into Switzerland. Then one SSB added with a second S2S.

8 contacts on 20m SSB including S2S into Germany.

Coolcross Hill EI/IN-073

An even shorter drive for the next one. A very short and straightforward 100m ascent from a water tower - 25 minutes up and 15 minutes back down. Yet more fantastic coastline views.

24 QSOs on 20m CW culminating in S2S into Italy.

12 QSOs on 20m SSB.


Very pleased to have completed a S2S for my first SSB chased GI summit. Thanks Tom :slightly_smiling_face:

73, Andrew VK1AD for VI10SOTA


I was equally pleased Andrew! Great stuff!

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Tuesday 4th April 2023 - Crockalough EI/IN-076

An early morning drive up to mainland Ireland’s northernmost summit. Another hill almost surrounded by ocean - and spectacular views.

Quiet on the radio, but Jimmy and I both qualified with four contacts each

20m CW: 4 QSOs

Jimmy EI/M0HGY/P:
2m FM: 1 QSO
20m SSB: 3 QSOs

Then a very quick visit to Malin Head as we were so close, and where indeed we may head out again this afternoon with Marianne and Liam.

Back to the accommodation in Moville, timed perfectly as the birthday girl got up (at a sensible hour, unlike her husband and eldest son!)

Happy birthday Marianne xxx


Wednesday 5th April 2023 - Crockalough EI/IN-076

Wide awake at 4.50am so had another drive up to the summit visited 24 hours earlier.

Several gremlins! Satnav couldn’t find access road as I’d naively set the location on the high parking spot - which isn’t on a mapped road! So an hour lost there.

Antenna had broken and needed an in-the-field fix - more time lost. And more delays faffing with the Palm Paddle / Code Cube which was stubbornly stuck on around 50wpm (and ultimately giving up).

EI/M1EYP/P - 56 contacts:

20m FT8 - 15 QSOs
20m FT4 - 22 QSOs
20m SSB - 19 QSOs


Unfortunately condx were not with us today Tom, unlike on other days, so I missed getting the unique. The area looks great on your photos on those coastal hills in Donegal.

73 Phil

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That’s a shame Phil. I think it was possible because Terry @G0VWP is ITL @ 0852z.

Probably the last activation of the trip coming up this morning - EI/IN-066.

20m & 2m, variety of modes.


Good to hear you this time Tom.
Ian vk5cz .

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Yes, that was pretty cool, and a pleasant surprise after yesterday’s “doom and gloom” on here about band conditions, SFI etc. Great to hear your call Ian.

Thursday 6th April 2023 - Crocknasmug EI/IN-066

Fantastic early morning summit bag with Jimmy EI/M0HGY/P. Set off with a full moon still in the dawn skies above Lough Foyle. An enjoyable ascent up a winding stony track before a heathery final ascent to the summit. Stunning views under clear blue sky and bright sunshine, punctuated by a short sharp hail shower! The North Atlantic Ocean prominent in three directions from our summit again.

Good on the radio too!

Tom EI/M1EYP/P - 55 contacts:
20m CW: 30 QSOs (including summit-to-summits into Spain & Switzerland, and a DX contact to Australia - Ian VK5CZ).
20m SSB: 12 QSOs (including summit-to-summits into Germany & Spain).
20m FT4: 13 QSOs

Jimmy EI/M0HGY/P - 9 contacts:
2m FM: 7 QSOs
20m SSB: 2 QSOs (summit-to-summit, one into Germany, one into Spain).

Treated myself to an 11 inch Lenovo notebook recently, to replace the Windows 10 tablet I was using for FT8 operating, but which now has a shattered screen. Very pleased with it, just the job, perfect size (not too big or too small), and reasonably priced too. Windows 10 tablet with shattered screen and Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard for sale…


Good Friday 7th April 2023 - Crockalough EI/IN-076

Wide awake at 4am on departure day, so a third visit to this County Donegal summit that stands high above Lough Foyle, opposite County Derry.

With the blustery gales of recent mornings absent, and the much earlier QRV time, I set up the “Monster” 30m vertical + groundplane antenna.

EI/M1EYP/P - 26 contacts:
30m FT8 - 15 QSOs
30m CW - 11 QSOs

Started under a clear starlit sky, and watched the sun rise over Lough Foyle as I operated on the radio!


Good Friday 7th April 2023 - Divis GI/AH-004

With checkout of our accommodation in Moville, Co. Donegal at 10am, and check-in for the ferry in Belfast a mere 11 hours later, we had some time to kill.

A pleasant drive across the Sperrins, with a lunch stop at Ireland’s highest pub - The Ponderosa. Then into Belfast for a mooch around, a bit of shopping (new sunglasses and walking boots), and a visit to the famous Crown pub.

Plenty of time left to fill, so a family walk up to the summit of Divis from the lower NT car park. The NT has done an excellent job with this site; the Summit Trail path is excellent.

We set up our stations overlooking Belfast Lough which was a great view under the afternoon sunshine.

Tom MI1EYP/P - 10 QSOs on 20m CW

Jimmy MI0HGY/P - 5 QSOs on 2m FM