GI Activation- info needed please

Evening All
I am going to Belfast (Newtownabbey) on Sunday for a couple of days on Business. Has anybody any details of a nearby peak, a reference to an on line map, or any information at all about land access, footpaths etc in NI? I will have the trusty 857 and HF through 2m with me if a suitable summit and decent scale map can be found.

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I have a spreadsheet (xls format) which lists the UK summits. I can’t remember where I got it from but you can enter your home QTH locator and it will then display the summits is increasing distance from that location. Click on the name and you get taken to either Multimap or Streetmap for that summit. This should do exactly what you need, enter your QTH in GI and click on the links.


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Cheers Andy
Just what I needed. I travel around a lot for work so will install it on the works laptop too when the systems guy is away. Looks like somebody has been very busy building the spreadsheet.

Thanks for the link.

Hi Tim,

I have activated all the hills in that area. MM-017 is probably the nearest and easiest, but AH-004, AH-005, AH-007, AH-008, AH-009 and AH-010 are all there for the taking as well.

Full details via the SOTA index on my website


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Thanks Tom,
In usual style, work asked me to travel on Sunday (tomorrow) giving me 9 “shopping hours” to try and sort out maps etc! Hope that local knowlege and the client can lend me the bits I need. Thanks for the link, hope to give 80 a bit of a bashing whilst over there.