Ghost QSO´s?

Hello to all…
First a Happy new year to all…
Now my question?? Is it a new challenge to make ghost QSO´s ???
In the last time i hear often chaser who calling the activator and give 599 but the activator don´t call them…
For instance the activator make a qso with an G station but an HB9 give the report.For the SOTA awards you don´t need a confirmation, but you cheating yourself…

best 73 de Tom

Seems to be a hazard of pile-ups, especially when the station at the sharp end is a bit faint or doesn’t give out a callsign or reference often, the chasers are relying on a spot, and the pile-up’s having a feeding frenzy; all too easy for a couple of over-enthusiastic chasers to exchange signal reports and both think they’ve worked the target station.

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The only way the chasers can check is to have a look at the log of the activator and hope your call sign is there if not he did not work you. That is if they enter all contacts made

Regards Nigel

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It’s well known problem Tom. I have been terribly confused myself when suddenly I find I am working 2 stations on CW. Despite clearly giving one callsign and asking only that station to reply (DL1DVE KN) I’ve still had two stations reply. On a few occasions the other station must be hearing me but is ignoring the fact I’m trying to work the other station, often sending their own call several times. I could understand this if the calls were similar but they have wildly differing prefixes you have to question what is happening. The better chaser will normally abandon the QSO until a few minutes later when the ghost chaser has gone and call again to ensure they get a vald QSO.

SOTA is based on trust and the level of questionable activations or chases is very low. That doesn’t mean the database isn’t queried to see if patterns of questionable operation can be seen. (The answer is yes, they can!)


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Hello to all chaser/activator-friends.
Happy new year.

I just log the qso when i became a signalreport and when hi is
answer on the signalreport i give to him.
With a pile-up is this not always simple.
Some stations they are helpful but i need the answer from the chaser/activator himself.
It is correct that you cheating yourself when you use this ghost-practice.
It is more fun for me that i now that the other station me rely hears.

Best 73 Bart