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Get well soon Colin G4UXH

Many of you will have noticed the absence of Colin just lately from, this site, activations and chasings.
Partner Heather has asked me to relay to you that Colin is in hospital with problems from an existing condition.
He has been hospitalized for over a week now, but I understand that following a bit of a set-back, he should be on the way to recovery.

It may be some time before he is fit enough to activate, but we all know how determined he is, especially those who have accompanied him on summits (or should I say lagged behind!)

It will be good to hear you again Colin, please take time to recover properly - the hills are not wearing away that quickly!

I will update when it is suitable.
Paul - M6PEW

In reply to M6PEW:
thanks for letting us know Paul.
I had wondered where he was these last few days.
Hope he recovers soon.
David g6lkb

In reply to M6PEW:

Hi Paul,

I am sorry to hear about Colin being in hospital.

Could you please pass on my best wishes to both Colin and Heather and hope Colin is out of hospital soon.

Many thanks.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

In reply to M6PEW:
Hi Paul, sorry to hear that colin is in Hospital, give him our Best for a speedy recovery, he has been missed, his health comes first over sota/wota.
73 de John G0TDM

In reply to GM4WHA:

Hi Paul,

Same goes for me.

I hope Colin gets out of Hospital soon & on to the road to recovery.


Get well soon Colin.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M6PEW:

Sorry to hear that, Paul. Please pass on our best wishes to Colin and Heather.

Colin, I know what it’s like when you can’t get out on the hills but take your time - chasing will keep you pretty occupied until you’re fully fit again!

I hope you’re back home again soon.

88 and 73
Karen 2E0XYL & Neil 2E0TDX

In reply to M6PEW:

Please pass on my best wishes to Colin for a speedy recovery.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:
Hi Paul, thanks for letting us know.
Please pass on my good wishes to Colin and Heather.

In reply to M6PEW:
Thank`s for news Paul,
Get Well soon Colin ,miss you company on difficult contacts(SSB)when chasing.
Regards to Heather.