Get together with me during my UK SOTA tour?

Between Oct 11 and Oct 26 I will be making a tour of all the UK associations: M / MM / MW / MD / MI plus EI. Would any chasers want to get together for a pint? Would some activators be interested in a joint activation?

More specifically, my partner and I will be staying at hotels in the following cities:
Edinburgh (near Arthur’s Seat)
Caernarfon (near Snowdon)
Douglas (near Snaefel Mountain Railway)

I’ve also got the final two days by myself for southern or western Ireland – what would be some interesting summits to activate?

If anyone would like to get together or otherwise has some tips for me during my trip, please get in touch directly: where my call is aa1mi.

Thanks, hope to see some of you

That’s qute a tour Paul! I’ll also be over in the UK in the next few weeks but unfortunately gone before you arrive so our paths will not cross. I’m over to to visit my brother and sister plus attend the RSGB National Hamfest (30. Sept - 1.October).

By the way the SOTA associations for the summits use the original UK call sign prefixes G / GM / GW / GD / GI but the prefix you’ll add to your HB9DST call sign will be the M / MM / MW / MD /MI - confusing I know! (EI is fine in both cases).

Did you miss your location in England from the list or do you intend to activate a G summit from Edinburgh or Caernarfon out?

73 and enjoy the tour! Ed DD5LP (G8GLM).

Hi Ed,
The first leg of the tour is visiting friends near Newcastle, so that’s when I’ll check off “G”. And I’ve been closely following the discussion on the proper prefix to use.
I wish you, too, a pleasant trip.

Oh, we coud have easily met up on (for example) G/TW-003 Gisborough Moor or a NP summit as I’m staying in that area, but too early for your visit unfortunately.

Enjoy the trip, hopefully the weather is nice “indian Summer”.

73 Ed.

As you are coming up to Edinburgh I’d be delighted to catch up with you again. Only downside is I’m in Germany Oct 10th to Oct 18th.

Hi Andy,
What bad luck for us! We will be in Edinburgh for the nights of Oct 14 and 15! I would have been really nice to see you again. But thanks anyway for the offer.

Hi Paul, I’ll be at work most of your trip, but would be happy to meet you in G/SB on 16/10 if that fits your itinerary? I can’t promise to show you round as it’s a virgin region for me, but I have a map!

Is that north, south, east or west of Newcastle.

Hi Jim
Allendale (west of Newcastle).

Hi Andy,
On that day (16 Oct), we’re driving from Edinburgh to the west coast of Scotland (Ayr) and then to northern Wales. For us Yanks, just a typical day behind the wheel. Doesn’t sound like our paths will cross. But I do appreciate the offer and you getting in touch!

No problem Paul. Have a good trip (far too leisurely for a “typical” American! :wink:)

That is quite a way out.Paul but beautiful country and some great pubs.
The G/NP summits will probably be your best bet rather than the G/SB or the G/TW.
NP-20 or NP-03 are the closest but both have rather wet/muddy approaches.It is a while since I did them and I am afraid that I cannot do them again because of the condition of my knees and feet.

Coo! Impressive. If you are going to Caernarfon then that’s 400 miles and 7+hrs with no stops and no traffic. You’ll need a holiday after all that driving :smile:

Hi Andy,
That’s why we have two nights in Caernarfon planned!