Germany tour planned


This is my last year at work and I have accumulated a lot of holiday and overtime. No - unfortunately this is not transferable!!!
Originally, I wanted to set up a base camp in the Northern Vosges next week to activate many (for me new) summits there. But now I have changed my mind.
Now I want to visit friends and relatives I haven’t seen for far too long. We have all been vaccinated and it is now safe to do so. Since they work during the day on weekdays, I will pass the time with SOTA.

Here is my very rough plan for the next week and maybe there is something interesting for you.

30.05. - DM/BW-860 and DM/BW-385
31.05. - DM/RP-311 , DM/RP-417 , DM/RP-305 , DM/RP-302 (not sure if I can do all of them)
01.06. - DM/BW-107 , DM/BW-454 , DM/BW-114
02.06. - DM/NS-152
03.06. - DM/NS-115 , DM/SA-053 , DM/NS-165
04.06. - DM/NS-160 , DM/NS-161 , DM/NS-163

Of course, everything depends on traffic, weather and other general conditions. And - all summits are new for me. If there is anything special to be considered, I would be happy about a hint.

As always, I will post the details as an alert.

73 Armin


What luck !! Enjoy your trip and your friends, we will follow you !!
73, Nico


I’d rather activate the lovely NS-008 than the crappy NS-165, a summit at which you will need a GPSrx to determine the actual “peak” in the woods.


Yes Pom, ns-008 is easily accessible via the Auerhahn car park and is a wonderful summit. With a view of the summits Brocken and Wurmberg, observation tower and lots of space.

I think the ns-165 also has its charm. Parking lot at the end of the village Evessen, interesting paths and, if necessary, a hut within the activation zone.
Armin, if you want to know more about it, via Sota-BW.

73 Chris

Hi Armin,

I wish you a nice trip. Sounds stunning! I don’t know why you have choosen the specific DM/RP-xxx submits, but for sure there are nicer ones in our area, which offer more attraction. But if you have not worked them yet, they are all worth it of course. It is the way up to the top that counts. If you want to make them in one day, then you have not so much choice but you have to take the ones that are nearby.

For instance, on DM/RP-311 (Rossberg) there is nothing but a blue barrel and a hunting stand and it is not really attractive (but I can see it from my home). If you have not done them, DM/RP-433 (Rehberg) is much nicer and has a tower on top (same applies to DM/RP-319 - Treutelskopf). DM/RP-417 and DM/RP-305 are also heavily surrounded by wood as are the others but they are okay and count to the highest in the area. Be aware, on DM/RP-302 (Kalmit) you can expect “a lot” of people and walkers, especially at the hut on the top. That said, big antennas, such as dipole antennas, are difficult to arrange between the trees at all these places. EFHW, EFRW or a vertical will be your friend. :smiley:

73 de Chris


I chose all the summits because they were partly on the way or in the neighbourhood of the friends I’m staying with.

A long-time friend lives in Erkerode near DM/NS-165, and I’ll be staying with him afterwards.

The RP Summits are probably not the most beautiful in the country, but they are so beautifully lined up… and I haven’t done any summits in RP yet. Somedays I’m going to spend a holiday in the Pfälzer Wald.
For now, I’m staying with friends in Bad Schönborn… thats why I’m doing the summits near the Neckar.
I am almost always on the road with my vertical. I simply push the wire up and lean the mast against a branch. That works great in a forest.

73 Armin

Hi Armin,
DM/BW-152 (SOTLAS) is invalid since 2008 - you probably should double check your references :wink:

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Thank you Romain!

I meant DM/NS-152 not BW-152 - i have corrected the mistake!

73 Armin

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