Germany getting 4m for the Sporadic E season again in 2018

A new ruling has been issued from the German regulator “BNetza” for the German amateur radio service. Temporary admission will be granted to 70.150 - 70.180 MHz, from 2 May to 31 August 2018. This ruling will be will be published on 2.5.2018 in the Official Journal No 8/2018, under Notice 93/2018.
It is expected that the same restrictions will apply as in previous years - 25W maximum, home station only (no portable operation), Mandatory logging of ALL transmissions and horizontally polarised antennas only.

So no SOTA activations in Germany on 4m (same as 6m) but chasers will be there if anyone is out for a 70MHz activity evening and Sporadic E comes along.

73 Ed.


Thanks, Ed. Where did you get this information from?


Direct from BNetZa !!

I sent in an enquiry about whether we might get 70MHz again this year a few days ago, to which I was told negiotiations with the primary users were underway and as soon as it was confirmed the responsible person at BNetZa, sent me another email telling me that it is about to be announced on May 2nd. to be effective immediately until the end of August.

Nice that they are so open at BNetZa.

73 Ed.

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