German Sotas

Any one else having troubles hearing German Sotas today on 20m

Worked ED again on 40m for 2nd time today, 2nd Sota.

But on 20m just not hearing the Germans, yet reaching OE YO Sota,s no problem.

Looks like that storm other day, biggest since 2003 still causing a few effects on bands.

Just one of those things :smile:

Yes, I worked Pom DF7ACF/P from DM/NS-014 with very good signals on 20m SSB at 09h06utc but I’m totally unable to copy OE/DL9MDI and DD5LP on 20m SSB or CW now between 09h45 and 09h55.
Neither I managed to copy Ángel M0HDF on 20m CW earlier or the chasers of any of these mentionned activators.
On the other hand, I worked perfectly VK1DA/P this morning with S6 signals.
It looks like conditions are a bit different…
73 de Guru

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Interesting, also reaching Poland as well.
No joy even hearing the VKs this morning
But nice one in doing that one.

Sotas appearing in 15mb, but not hearing them from Germany or Czech rep. Not even reaching the Spanish Sotas on 20m :frowning:

All part of the fun

By way on G5RV


Somebody switched off England yesterday.
But luckily, he switched them on again today. :wink:



Hi Guru,
thanks for hearing me. Conditions were not so good, not many contacts made and I was only able to spend a short time on 20m this time. I was out on the summit for our national field day, but my main focus was my vhf/uhf station, you may wish to check for my photos here. JMNFD March 2015 | Flickr